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Published July 2020
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Case Study

How GS1 standards have helped transform inventory management within the NHS

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Key Results

First year’s wastage reduced by 96 per cent

43 weeks of clinical time saved

The problem

Previously, with no robust inventory management solution in place, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) used a simple stock re-ordering system and made ad hoc orders via its procurement system.

This made routine stock management a challenge due to the lack of visibility of inventory levels across the trust.

The solution

Meeting all ELHT system functionality requirements, and with a successful track record in implementation, proven return on investment, and a good value offer, the team selected award-winning Ingenica 360 IM solution.

Clinicians at a patient bedside

"Clinical time has been released for patient care rather than stock control and an electronic implant register for the trust provides a significant shift to electronic record keeping."

David Harris, head of service logistics and supply chain

The results

Since then, ELHT have catalogued approximately 11,000 items and were able to reduce wastage by 96 per cent in the first year alone. As a result the stock value on the balance sheet has increased by 75 per cent.

With the automated system in place, clinical staff are no longer spending several hours conducting manual stock takes saving 43.12 weeks of valuable clinical time that can be refocused back into direct patient care.

Further information

About Ingenica Solutions

Ingenica 360 IM solution is a GS1 UK-approved product. This means that it has undergone a thorough assessment process by the GS1 UK standards and consulting team, and has demonstrated capacity to support applicable GS1 standards.

Visit Ingenica Solutions’ partner profile to find out more.